We make forecasting easy for you

Designed by experts, exclusively for Consumer brands

ForecastEasy is a strategic and financial forecasting
software tool built for high-growth consumer brands and the entrepreneurs behind them.

Developed specifically for Consumer brands.

Inspired by forecasts that supported
$10 million - $200 million acquisitions
by global Consumer strategics.

Streamline and elevate
your forecasting.

Professionalize simplistic, error-prone forecasts and avoid complicated cost-intensive methods.

Make strategic decisions
in real-time.

A robust, yet easy-to-use tool that empowers founders and management teams to thoughtfully develop and test strategy.

Powered by
"Easy-Entry" inputs.

Made for founders and management teams of all sizes and financial abilities
(no finance experience necessary).

Automatic reports,
automatic charts.

Automatically calculate your financials, including graphs and data tables.
Download directly into Excel.

Detail where
it matters.

Create highly-detailed
forecasts in hours
- not days or weeks.

your side.

Easy-to-use, guided software
recommending best practices as you develop your forecast.

raise money.

Share your detailed forecast
with shareholders, banks,
and potential investors.

Customized solutions
for your brand.

Forecast on your own or
work hand-in-hand with a
veteran Consumer investment banker.

“Easy-Entry” inputs guide you in creating a highly-detailed Consumer brand forecast in hours – not days or weeks.

Drill down into your business with fully customizable charts, graphics, and downloadable data tables.

No finance experience is necessary to create full financial summaries that are easy to create and even easier to understand.


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Annual Membership
Gross Profit Forecasting Solution
Build forecasts through Gross Profit
Receive guided instruction and best practices
Populate data efficiently via "Easy-Entry" inputs
Analyze product profitability by channel, by SKU
Automatically calculate your financial statements, data tables, and graphs
Download data tables and graphs with a single click
Seasonalize units, Net Revenue, and Gross Profit into monthly financials
No finance experience is necessary
Unlimited iterations and versions (annually)
Annual Membership
Full P&L Forecasting Solution
Everything in PRO
Build forecasts through EBITDA
Receive guided instruction and best practices on forecasting your expenses
Customize to fit your expense ledger or follow our guidance
Forecast expenses quickly in large category buckets or via each line item
Forecast expenses with flexibility via the "Triple Option" forecasting methodology


Hand-Guided Forecasting Solution
with Veteran Consumer Investment Banker
Everything in PREMIUM
Includes full Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
Receive individualized strategic guidance, assumption review, and industry perspective
Discuss capital raise strategy including valuation, terms, structure, and sources of funds

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